Two band ring re-size

A lot of the ring re-sizing we do is usually of engagement or wedding rings, these are usually bought by the customer guessing the size of their partners finger or taking the measurement incorrectly which results in them coming to get the rings re-sized.

The photos below are of the ring brought in by a couple who had bought the ring online however the ring was far to big for her. The engagement and wedding ring was soldered together to create one ring but giving the illusion of two separate rings upon glance.

Even though the re-sizing of this ring looks more complicated due to the design it was as straight forward as other ring re-sizes. I started by heating up the rings to pull them apart into two separate rings, from heating them up I was able to see where extra gold had been added to the ring previously, this gave me a guide as to were to remove the gold to make the ring smaller.

Does your engagement or wedding ring need re-sizing? Feel free to email us your inquiry here.

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