Bespoke bangles Christmas gift!

Bespoke jewellery makes great gifts for any occasion, the thought that goes into designing jewellery to fit the recipients personality and style makes it that more sentimental.

Bespoke jewellery can also be created by recycling your old gold or silver jewellery, which can add to the sentiment of the gift whilst being cost effective.

The commission below was from a previous customer who two years ago, I had made him a bespoke three band bangle with a small ring attaching them, for his wife as a gift. He came back just before Christmas hoping for another gift for his wife this Christmas, he said that his wife loves wearing her bangles everyday and wanted to create some more, using some old bangles she never wears. After talking through designs we decided to create a similar piece to her previous one, three silver bangles with a twisted gold circle.

Thinking of buying a piece of bespoke jewellery as a gift for someone special? Click here for details.

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