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Bespoke mix & match stacking rings

In the second half of last year we created three bespoke mix & match stacking rings for our customer.
The first ring we created was a filigree ring with milgrain detail made from our customers recycled 22 ct yellow gold.
The second ring we created was a platinum hand engraved wedding band. The ring was created already from a previous engagement ring alteration, we then had the ring hand engraved with an intricate vintage pattern.
The final ring we created was a bespoke red gold eternity with diamonds set completely around the band.

Each ring was unique from its style, patterns, metal and colour which made for an interestingly beautiful stack as well as each ring being wearable alone.

Thanks for reading!

 Bespoke filigree ring made from recycled 22 ct yellow gold. Platinum wedding band revamped with a hand engraved design. Bespoke red gold diamond eternity ring.

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