Men's bespoke turquoise ring

Are you looking for a jewellery gift for a man but cant find anything that suits his style and personality or nothing fits his size?

Along with women's jewellery we also offer our bespoke jewellery service for men's jewellery. Our bespoke jewellery makes the perfect gift for those hard to buy for guys!

The customer below wanted a bespoke ring for himself inspired by a photo he had seen online. He wanted a chunky gold ring with a large turquoise stone set into the bezel. The photos show the main stages for creating this interesting ring. The bezel was created using a sheet which I added the texture he desired to it, it was then soldered onto the ring along with the outside ring which will set the stone.The square sheet is then cut round and is finished along with the rest of the ring. The turquoise is then set into the ring and polished up.

Interested in men's bespoke jewellery? Whether its for yourself or a gift for someone else.. Click here for more details.

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