Bespoke statement ring Christmas gift

Another bespoke gift this Christmas was from a customer who wanted to create a bespoke ring for his wife this Christmas. After going through designs, we was able to establishing what metal, shape, size and texture he desired the ring to look like.

He wanted a large silver rounded triangular shape with a gritty texture ring. The photos below show the beginning process and the final finished ring.
The processes of creating this ring was started by rolling through the sandpaper onto the piece of silver to create the desired texture, The silver is then cut into the shape requested, finished and soldered onto the ring, the ring is then polished up and complete.

This beautifully unique ring creates quite the statement from its large unusual shape along with its extremely shiny texture, ass well as being a very thoughtful gift!

Thinking of creating a bespoke piece of jewellery as a gift? Click here for further details.

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