Bespoke ampersand ring

The best gifts are the ones that are sentimental and show that a lot of love and thought had gone into it. That's what makes bespoke jewellery the ideal present.

The customer below wanted to create a ring as a gift for his partner. He wanted a dainty silver ring with a ampersand in the centre of the band.
The photos below show the main stages of creating this ring, from the designs he had sent over I was able to print of the exact image he wanted and used it as a stencil to cut out the silver ampersand. After creating a simple silver band ring a portion of the ring is then cut out enough to fit the ampersand into the ring to create the look of the ring and ampersand as one continuous ring. It was then soldered together, finished and polished. It was then sent to the engraves to add a special message on the inside of the ring to make it that more sentimental.

Interested in a bespoke ring for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Click here for more details on our bespoke service.

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