Learning curve in 9ct yellow gold

Over the few transition months of moving from my old studio to my new studio, I struggled with a place to make jewellery from. However my kind Jeweller friend helped me out with a jewellery bench to work from over this period and I helped him in return by doing a few jewellery jobs. At his studio I had learnt a great deal of skills in the small time I worked with him, I made this 9 ct Gold curb bracelet. We cast the pieces and I filled them individually, leading to a perfecting polished finished. It was hard work, but very rewarding to see it finished.

I do a lot of made to order / bespoke jewellery. If you have an idea in mind I can help this become reality. I love a challenge and you will love the result.

Here are photos of the 9ct yellow gold bracelet , being made from start to finish.

Polished and shiney!! oooo lovely..  thanks for reading
bespoke jewellery made to order jewellery manchester


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