End of 2013, what a rush of make your own wedding ring workshops / class .

At the End of 2013, actually most of 2013 I didn't get round to blogging very much! Oops..

Anyways this is a little catch up of the wedding ring workshops I held over November 2013. The make your own wedding ring class is a very popular workshop. Its were couples come and make each others wedding rings and take them home the same day! Its brilliant and I absolutely love doing them!

How the workshop works is you learn about the tools in the morning and move to making your wedding rings in the afternoon. People always ask me, especially other jeweller's, are you not worried they will do anything wrong? I say I watch them so closely and let them practice first so there is no room for things to go wrong... however I have been told i am a very good teacher numerous times... hence my Facebook page reviews.. take a look.

I think a few blog followers think I haven't been doing these workshops, because I haven't blogged any in so long. If you ever follow me on Twitter or Instagram you can see lots of photos of couples having such a great time making their wedding rings. Well do see quite a few serious faces but that's concentration... or possibly nerves too!

 Lorraine and James

Lynsey and Shane -smiling!

Megan and Garath

Mike and Hannah

Mike and Helen

Here are a couple finished wedding rings that they made!!

thanks for reading..


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