2.1 studio is born! Jewellery workshop Manchester!

Hello All!

Its been a little time since I have blogged. I do apologise for this, but I have been so so frantic and busy with building, painting, buying tools and designing the new studio! Its been a great journey and have a couple of ups and downs and finally have come out with an amazing workspace. Here are a few pictures of the stages that we have been through!

This new venture of mine is called two.one studio. We currently are working on a website but for now you have a facebook page, twitter and instagram profile. You can follow us on those for now and i will let you know about the new website once its online! We plan to hold jewellery workshops through the summer months so watch this space. There will be a 5 day summer school, so if you are interested get liking our facebook page for more details. Also we have extra jewellery benches where they can be hired on a daily, weekly or month rate. We also had a brilliant open day at the beginning of March, couldn't have wished for a better turn out. Here are a few more photos of the completed space. We are awaiting a few more tools to come and now i can finally get some jewellery making done! I think i remember how to make jewellery.... ha ha course I do! Thanks for reading..

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