Replacement gold bead earrings

Have you lost your jewellery that you loved or was sentimental to you? Our bespoke jewellery is a great way to replicate your lost jewellery as close as possible to the original.

The customer below commissioned a replacement pair of earrings for his wife. The earrings were purchased in Malaysia many years ago until she lost one last year. He decided for her 60th birthday to replace them with a pair as close to the original ones as possible. He emailed over a picture of the remaining earring for us to work from. The main challenge was getting the right gold beads, after sending over different types of gold beads available he decided to go with ones with a grainy effect. We was able to create the earrings to look identical in design and style to the original ones.

Have you lost or damaged one of your favourite pair of earrings? Check out our bespoke services here.

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