Platinum engagement ring revamp!

Our bespoke engagement rings are created uniquely to meet all your requirements, our service also allows you two put any of your old gold or silver into the making of the ring as well as any stones you may have, which can make your ring even more sentimental along with being cost-effective!

The customer below brought in his fiancees engagement ring, which was an antique yellow gold engagement ring with rhodium plating, the plating was wearing off giving the appearance of a yellow under tone. He was interested in recreating the ring using the original diamonds, but creating the new ring in platinum with a slightly wider band.
The bespoke engagement ring was designed using CAD, with the original ring being used as a guide to get exact style and size requirement this also allowed us to make any adjustments to the ring. The ring was made in platinum with a slightly larger ring band and the original diamonds set into it.

Along with her engagement ring they were also interested in having their wedding rings created at the same time. They liked the idea of creating her wedding ring to match with her engagement ring, and decided to go with a platinum wedding ring, tailored slightly to fit around her engagement ring with eight baguettes to match. He decided on a plain silver wedding band with both wedding rings having engraving on the inside.

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