Cuff links re-vamp!

Do you have jewellery that you love to wear or is sentimental to you, that could do with a spruce up? Our repairs & alterations service is great way to revamp your jewellery, from cleaning, re-plating to repairs & engraving.

Re-styling jewellery is a great alternative, to gift someone instead of buying a new piece of jewellery. The customer below brought in her partners cuff links which held sentimental value to him, she had planned to get the re-vamped and give them as a gift for his birthday.

The silver cuff links had his initials machine engraved on the front. They were beginning to show signs of wear and the engraving was starting to fade. She wanted to get them re-engraved and cleaned up. We was able to sand out the old machine engraving and got them hand engraved and cleaned up, they turned out super shiny and looking brand new!

Do you have some jewellery that could do with a re-vamp? Click here for more details.

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