Bespoke heart pendant from recycled gold

With our bespoke jewellery we are able to recycled your old gold or silver! This gives more sentimental value to the new piece of jewellery as well as lowering the cost. Many customers choose our bespoke jewellery service to create a unique one of a kind piece to gift someone.

The commission below is a great example to show how our recycling or bespoke service work together to create a beautiful piece of jewellery!

The customer brought in his wife's large pendant he wanted to melt down and reuse the gold to create a new pendant she could wear! After discussing ideas he decided to go with another heart design, the heart had a twist at the top and had a more modern sleek appearance whilst being more practical to wear everyday. After discovering it was a gift for their 15th anniversary we decided to put 15 red and white cubic zirconias up the sides to represent their 15 years, along with both of their names engraved on the opposite sides of the heart.

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