Recycling old gold and jewellery into something brand new

Recycling old gold jewellery is a something that is so easy to do and can to transformed into a brand new piece of jewellery. I had a couple come and see me with there wedding rings and some old jewellery they had inherited. They didn't want to sell the gold as the metal value wasn't worth much. So they decided to transform sentimental rings they had inherited and their own wedding rings into two new heavy wedding rings. They wanted wide and plain design with a central line cut down the middle. They are made from 9ct yellow gold. The results were excellent.

If you have any old jewellery that is sitting in a draw and have an idea or design you would like it made into. I can create it for you. Don't pawn the gold or silver! There is so much that can be recreated into something new! It might be something you have that you don't like and want it making into something you do.

Photos below. Thanks for reading..


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