100 year old Indian silver necklace and matching bespoke silver ring

Before December I had to repair an 100 year old indian silver necklace. One of its silver coins fell off the necklace and needed replacing. It is very old and needed a good clean to get it back to its silver colour. Silver naturally oxidises over time, especially if its not worn and kept in a damp environment. If you need any jewellery cleaning we offer a FREE jewellery cleaning service.

The silver necklace looked amazing once repaired and cleaned up. The customer asked me, if I could create a matching ring for his wife to go along with the necklace. The front part having wire work matching the necklace and the back made up of beading.

I struggled to find the right beading size at first and looked into soldering 2mm beaded wire but it was too small. Then I opted for 3mm beaded wire and I had to drill to create the beads on the front of the necklace and thread the wire work through the front. I was very pleased with the results and felt I had matched it up well! Take a look at photos below. I also made a ring with the 2mm wire.

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