Recycle old jewellery combine with jewellery workshop

In 2012 Gillian and Steven came to make their wedding rings with me. It was an emotional event for Gillian and she enjoyed it so much. She recently came to visit me with a ring repair with her mother Jane. We got chatting about the previous wedding ring workshop and now I am able to recycle old jewellery

Jane mentioned she had Gillian's father's signet ring and other previous engagement rings and eternity rings that were sat in her jewellery box at home. I mentioned I can recycle the gold and cast the metal and we can reuse the diamonds from the previous rings. 

We met up again and discussed all the ppossibilities that could be done with the gold. They decided to cast the old gold and exchange a 18ct white ring for more 9ct yellow gold. The plan was to create three 9ct yellow gold rings and one pair of 18ct gold hoop stud earrings. The earring gold was melted and then rolled into a bar of gold shaped and cut open and soldered. I cast the rings and we planned a day for them both to come in and file and polish their rings and decide on the diamonds they wanted setting in their rings. 

They both enjoyed the day and the rings look amazing... If you have any old gold or jewellery sat in a drawer at home. Think what could be made from it. 

Thanks for reading and take a look through our photos, they did such a great job!

The results ..


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