Rachel and James - Make their own wedding rings

Making your own wedding rings is such a great day and experience. So many customers think you have to be arty to be able to do it, but you really don't. I guide you through the basic's of jewellery making and then you start on your wedding rings. When creating your own wedding rings, you have gained confidence through practicing with copper sheet and using jewellery tools before making your rings. Every couple that have experienced making their own wedding rings are always shocked on how well they did and how the metal begins and how it finishes. Its fantastic for me to see happy faces and being part of their wedding process.

Rachel and James came to make their wedding rings at the end of November. We had such a lovely day making rings, drinking tea and eating biscuits. The relaxing atmosphere helps in creating your rings, making it easier to concentrate and enjoy your day with each other.  Not only do you produce fantastic rings,with this one to one teaching experience but you will have learnt whole load of new skills.

When making Rachel's rings, James had quite a task ahead of him. I asked them to both get there for 9am, this is early then usual due to the design aspect of Rachel's wedding ring design. We practiced making it first in Sterling silver and then once we figured out the fitting, we made it from 9ct red gold. Lucky Rachel ended up with two wedding rings. a sterling silver and red gold one. Rachel made James ring from sterling silver.

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