Two inherited rings recycled into a bunch of bespoke jewellery!

Do you have any old jewellery that you no longer have any use for? Why not recycle them into some new pieces of bespoke jewellery! If your not sure of what can be done with your original jewellery we can discuss and work together to get the most out of your jewellery!

The customer below brought in her two inherited rings that she wanted to recycle. Both rings had plenty of diamonds in different shapes and three rubies, along with the gold & platinum. We discussed all possible ways of reusing and making the most out of what was available. We was able to create three rings, a pendant and a pair of stud earrings all using elements from these two rings!!

We started with the first ring which was platinum, we decided to keep the ring but cut off the two vertical diamonds & settings and keep the three diamonds going across the ring and resized to fit her. The two left over diamonds were then set into a pair of 9ct white gold stud earrings.
The other original ring which was larger had tapered baguette diamonds, marquise diamonds and three rubies as well as the 14ct yellow gold ring. We decided to bezel set the rubies into a bespoke pendant in 9ct red gold. The marquise and tapered baguette diamonds were going to be set into two different rings. After picking out each ring design with the customer the rings were CAD so the diamonds would fit perfectly. The 10 marquise diamonds were set into the recycled 14ct yellow gold to create an eternity ring, whilst the tapered baguettes were set into a solid twisted ring in 18ct yellow gold.

From recycling her two rings the customer left with three rings, a pair of stud earrings and a bespoke pendant!! For more information about our recycling service click here.

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