Bespoke Yosemite mountain pendant!

Your imagery and artwork is more than welcome when designing your bespoke jewellery! We can work with all your designs and ideas to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you!

The commission below is a great example of how artwork can be used to create a piece of jewellery. The customer commissioned a bespoke silver pendant to gift his girlfriend. He emailed over the image below of a computer design of a Yosemite mountain. The idea was to create a circular silver pendant with the mountain design engraved. We decided that the sky area would be cut out, to make the mountain more defined. To get the layers of the mountain to look almost three dimensional we had the design laser engraved. The pendant turned out amazingly! and was a perfect representation of the original artwork.

Feel free to email us here any photos or artwork you are interested in having made into a piece of custom made jewellery. For more information about our bespoke service click here.

Thanks for reading!


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