Heart pendant recycled from two inherited rings!

Do you have any old gold or silver jewellery you no longer have use for, maybe it has become outdated or you have inherited it and it isn't your style. Our recycling service provides you the opportunity to have your old gold and silver recycled into new pieces of bespoke jewellery. Whether it's reusing the original components of the jewellery or melting it all down and starting again.

The rings pictured below were brought in to be recycled to create a custom made heart pendant. After deciding on the heart style. We was able to start breaking down the rings, we pulled out all the diamonds and the sapphire. We melted down the yellow gold to create the gold wire for the heart outline. We then set some of the diamonds and the sapphire onto the heart, and finished it all with a yellow gold chain.

Fancy the idea of recycling your old jewellery? For more information about our service click here.

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