Happy customers!

The kind email below was sent from Tom & Hayley, they are a couple that took part in one of our wedding ring workshops. Receiving these emails are a great way to get feedback on couples thoughts on the workshop and experience.

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Hello Selina, 

How are you? I hope you are keeping busy and the wedding ring workshops are still taking off! Our wedding finally came around and we are now proudly wearing our beautiful rings.  Thank you again for such a wonderful day.  You sent us a request a few weeks ago to complete a review and we very happily did so (in fact I think we did it straight after the session).

During our workshop you asked to see some photos of our cake, so here you go.  It was very difficult to cut, so we had to attack it instead! It was a brilliant day and we'd do it all again if we could.

Kind regards, 

Tom & Hayley


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