Bespoke ring inspired by sentimental ring

Bespoke rings are a great way to recreate a ring you may have lost, damaged or is too sentimental to wear.

Bespoke rings can be made in different ways to suit your situation whether you already that the materials and stones from other rings you wish to reuse, or want to tweak the design slightly our bespoke service is the perfect way to do this.

The ring below was brought in by Val a customer who wanted to create a bespoke ring based on her sentimental flower ring. The ring was damaged with a diamond missing. She also brought in some more rings which she wanted to use the diamonds from to put in her new bespoke ring.

After deciding on the perfect ring band she wanted along with the flower setting the setting was then soldered onto the ring and sent to have the diamonds set.
The ring came back looking like a fresh updated version of Val's previous ring.

The photos below show some of the key stages we took to create this beautiful bespoke ring!

Thanks for reading!


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