Star pendant turned into ring!

Our repairs & alterations along with our recycling service, we are able to take your existing jewellery and transform it. Whether it is melted down to create something completely new or taking elements of the original piece and combine it into a new piece of jewellery. Not only is this a great way to save a bit of money but a lovely way to hold onto any sentimental value it may hold for you, whilst creating an updated piece of jewellery suited to your current style and taste.

The photos below are from a customers commission, she started off with a diamond star pendant that she wanted to have made into a ring. We was able to take off the pendant and create a yellow gold band to sit the star. This is a simple but effective way of altering your jewellery to create something new!

Fancy the idea of transforming your old jewellery into a new bespoke piece? Click here for further details.

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