Personalized initial heart pendant!

Personalized jewellery has always been very popular, and is a great way to create personal sentimental jewellery for someone special. Our bespoke jewellery service is perfect for all your personalized jewellery.

The commission below is a great example of creating personal jewellery through our bespoke service. The customer sent over his design pictured below of his and his girlfriends initials put together to create a heart! He wanted to use this design to create a silver pendant to gift his girlfriend. Using the design we was able to use it as a template to cut out the silver and create the custom made pendant!

Do you have any ideas for some personalized jewellery you would like? We can work with all your design ideas and help you in creating your desired bespoke jewellery! For more details about our bespoke jewellery click here.

Thanks for reading!


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