Sentimental feather remake bracelet!

Bespoke jewellery is a great way to use sentimental things to create or recreate bespoke jewellery. Whether it is a old piece of jewellery that you want remaking to make it more current and to your style or have an object that holds sentimental value to you and you would like to use it as inspiration for a piece of jewellery, we are able to take all your ideas and inspiration to create jewellery you can cherish forever!

A perfect example of this is the commission below. The customer brought in the feather below and a square letter charm which she once found, they then became sentimental to her so she decided to create a bracelet for them. Unfortunately because the metal was not silver we were unable to use the original feather however we instead decided to cast the feather and recreate it in silver. We were then able to create the silver bracelet with the identical feather and original letter charm!

If you think our bespoke jewellery service sounds like the perfect way to create the jewellery you are after, click here for more information.

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