Recycling rings!

Have you recently inherited your engagement or wedding ring, but feel the ring is too out dated to your style? Our recycling service is a great way to take pieces of your ring whether it is the metal, stones or design and create the ring you have always wanted, whilst keeping the sentimental value.

The engagement and wedding ring below were recently inherited by the customer, they wanted to break down the rings and reuse the parts into a new engagement ring and two wedding rings for each other. After talking through all possibilities of the most effective way of recycling the rings, we decided to use all the yellow gold from both rings to create his wedding ring. We then took the diamond from the inherited engagement ring and set it into a new timeless white gold engagement ring and create a wedding ring to match.

Interested in a bespoke engagement or wedding ring? Click here for more information. If you are interested in going down the recycling route click here.

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