New ring for sentimental stone

Our repairs & Alterations along with our recycling service work well together to transform your old pieces of jewellery into something more updated for you to enjoy again!
We are able to melt down and reuse your old gold and silver or take your sentimental stones from your old jewellery and put them into your new piece of bespoke jewellery!

The ring first pictured below was brought in by a customer, It was a inexpensive costume ring with a glass stone that held a lot of sentimental value to his wife. She wanted to have the stone reset in a silver ring. As the stone was glass the best way to set the stone without it smashing was to bezel set it. The ring revamp gave the stone a new lease of life whilst still maintaining its sentimental value.

Do you have any jewellery that you would love to alter or completely recycle? Whether you have a clear idea of what you are after or are open to all design ideas feel free to book an appointment to discuss ideas or email us here.

Thanks for reading!


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