Bespoke pearl pendant & gold ring

Why not treat yourself to some bespoke jewellery? Custom made jewellery isn't just for gift giving, if you have a jewellery design in mind you would love to bring to life, feel free to book an appointment with us at our Manchester showroom to discuss your bespoke ideas or alternatively you can email us your inquiry here.

The photos below are a recent commission for two pieces of bespoke jewellery. A delicate round pearl pendant on a gold chain and a thin red gold ring band for herself.

Bespoke jewellery usually starts from £120 and can vary upwards depending on the materials and processes involved. We also offer a recycling service which allows you in reuse your old gold into your new piece of bespoke jewellery this is a good way to minimize the cost and keep hold of any sentimental value your gold held.

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