Custom-made engraved locket

Bespoke jewellery is a unique and creative way to combine the things your love and enjoy into a piece of beautiful jewellery. Our made to order jewellery is designed and created, one of a kind especially for you. It is a fun way to take your inspirations whether its from your favourite book, music, film or TV series. They also make lovely gifts for someone who will appreciate the thought you have put into it.

The commission below was for a customer who wanted to create a locket inspired by a illustration and the lyrics from a music video, for his wife. He decided to go with a silver heart shape locked with hand engraved detail on the front to resemble the locket design in the video.
The inside of the locket was hand engraved with the lyrics 'to be right to be real, set in stone and cast in steel.' The locket turned out great with the attention to detail, to get it as close to the original design. Making it an amazing personal and thoughtful gift his wife can cherish forever.

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