Bespoke bezel engagement ring

Do you have your perfect engagement ring already in your mind, but can't find it at any high street jewellers?

Our bespoke engagement ring service allows you to create your desired ring! Along with our knowledge, we can discuss all your desires to create your ideal ring, from stones, metals, sizes to the small details such as engraving & finishes. This gives you the opportunity to discover and consider all aspects that go into making a ring, that you may not of thought about when looking in shops.

The photos below show the main stages of creating a bespoke engagement ring. The customer wanted a yellow gold engagement ring with a yellow coloured stone. After finding out his budget we was able to assist in creating the ring. We decided on a 9ct yellow gold ring with a bezel set citrine.

Bespoke engagement rings can be create to any budget, a great way to keep the cost down is to use gemstones in replace of diamonds, they are lower in price and with the right ones can give off the appearance of a diamond.

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