Recycling old gold to create new jewellery!

Recycling old jewellery is a great way not only to recycle, but also to create a new piece of jewellery at a lower cost!

The photos below show to process of recycling old gold. The customer came in with their old pieces of jewellery to reuse to make a pair of bespoke gold tags.
After selecting through the old jewellery using enough to make the tags they were melted down into blobs of gold. They were then rolled out to the right thickness and cut down to the correct length.
After having rings attached to the top they were finished off and sent to be engraved.

Recycling their gold allowed them to reuse their own jewellery to create something they will wear again! The added engraving makes it that more personal.

For more information about recycling your gold or silver... click here.

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