Hanafi Sandal ring made from silver and set with emeralds.

A customer came in with two sentimental rings wanting to combined different parts from each ring, to create a new bespoke ring. She wanted to use the heavily detailed shoulders from the first ring along with the the design and emeralds from the second ring to create her bespoke Hanafi sandal ring.

Below are a series of photos showing the step by step process of how I created her bespoke ring from her two previous rings.

Do you have any rings that you wish to use as part of a new ring? click here for further details.

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The first ring is cut apart into sections.

The remaining silver is melted down.

The silver is then rolled out flat.

Silver is then measured and cut to the exact length needed to complete the ring band.

The silver band is then soldered to the detailed shoulders from the first ring.

A design inspired from the second ring is drawn onto the silver, and cut out.

It is soldered onto another piece of silver to make it thicker.

Twisted strips of silver and settings are soldered onto the ring to complete the design.

The final bespoke ring set with emeralds.


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