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Make your own wedding rings - A wedding ring experience in Manchester
Selina provides couples and individuals who are getting married or having a civil partnership the opportunity to design and make their own wedding rings. Selina can help make your wedding ring to your own requirements. Assistance will be provided with aspects of making process such as forming, soldering and finishing the personal rings, adding any desired finish. Learn about the jewellery expert making process while building your wedding rings.
Before beginning to make the rings participants will learn basic jewellery skills. The workshop starts at 10am and finished at 5pm. It is achievable for couple or individual to make their wedding rings in one day, however if the design is more complex it can take more time. Create the perfect ring by adding engraving, plating or diamond stones, these can be added to the rings after they have been made. Stones are set by a professional stone setter. Diamonds or other precious stones can be set of your choice to create the wedding ring of your dreams. 
Couples can either make each other's rings or make their own wedding ring for their special day. Alternatively one person can make both of the rings. Before the session take place the design, material and size requirements of each ring will need to be discussed and approved by Selina.
Anyone can make their own wedding rings, taking your time to craft your rings. Creating a memorable experience, having made your very own handmade wedding rings for you and your partner. See below our happily married couples comments. 
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