Made to order jewellery by Jeweller Selina Campbell - Manchester

Bespoke custom made to order Jewellerywe can design jewellery for you Manchester
Selina can make bespoke jewellery to order for special occasions such as weddings and civil ceremonies. To mark a special occasion or need a special gift and you have an idea in mind for a earrings, charms, necklace, eternity rings, unity rings, engagement ring, wedding bands, tailor made shaped wedding bands to fit perfectly around engagement rings. Selina is happy to discuss your jewellery ideas to make your ideas into relativity. You can direct the creation of individual pieces or even matching sets.
To begin the process Selina will require a few details in order to complete the custom made jewellery piece such as a design, materials, stones and sizes. Click here to contact Selina.
Precious metals available : Sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct White gold, 9ct red gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and 18ct red gold. 
Diamonds and other precious stones are available to purchase for your one off jewellery. Click here to contact Selina.
Pricing and process in commissioning jewellery
Pick what you like, ask as many questions as you need when creating your bespoke jewellery. The price of our custom made jewellery can vary depending on your choice of metal, stones chosen to be in set and the intricacy of the design. 
If you have a budget in mind of what you want to spend, Selina can accommodate set budgets of any size, so she can help achieve your the special jewellery piece. When choosing to commission a unique piece of jewellery you should expect to pay slightly more on a bespoke individual item more than a mass produced merchandise in local high street jewellers. Click here to contact Selina.
The length of time needed to make an order is dependent upon the individual design of each piece and the resources available. Can take up to two to four weeks to craft. It worth bearing this in mind if purchasing custom made jewellery. Having a deadline is always useful. 
If this sounds of interest then please Click here to contact Selina or by phone 07842567967 or email


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