Rings ... All about rings!

I seem to have a few commissions, at the moment and a lot seem to be rings. Weirdly? I don't mind, just intriguing! Anyway... I am working on a ring for a lady called sue, she is after a engagement type of ring.

She popped in one Saturday and we discussed her ideas. We came up with a silver ring that is curved on the outer with engraved leafs and gold plating in the engraving. All very exciting and love taking on things I don't make all the time. Makes my days interesting ;) I suppose ..

I have started it today and have created the silver ring. I took to it to get engraved today and it will be ready Monday! So will update you then of it's progress...

Photos of Stages...

Thanks for reading ;)


  1. aren't you clever miss campbell? I'm sure it will be beautiful! :)


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