Double ring commission

This morning I woke up to a lovely email from Mark Ford. He came in a couple of weeks ago and we discussed making a ring for his partner. We decided on a design, which involved two rings connected with a silver link, shaped like the number eight. Each ring having it's own engraving on too.

With ring commissions I have to be so careful with the ring size. I always have to make the best judgement of how the ring will fit to ensure the ring fits right, when worn. Not meeting the person it can be even more difficult! But..

Emails I received..

"Hi Selina!! I just wanted you to know that the ring was a perfect fit and she loved it!!! Many thanks for your beautiful work!!!!

All the best,

Mark Ford"

This mornings email..

"Hey! Thanks again!!! I gave her the ring at the Eiffel Tower. Here is a picture!

You made 2 people very happy!!!! :))))

Take care,


Thanks for reading...


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