Recycling old diamond jewellery into stacking rings!

Have you been given or own a ring or other jewellery items full of diamonds or one single diamond stone, but it's not to your taste. 
Here at Selina Campbell jewellery we can take those diamonds and recreate a new design, setting or simply put on to current piece of jewellery. Even if they are not diamonds we can take semi precious stones and remount in a new creative way. 

We reused the diamonds from old jewellery and restyled them into the two yellow gold bands above. The first was an inherited 22ct yellow gold wedding band which we flush set small diamonds into. The second ring was created from recycled gold and pave set with the other diamonds.

We restyled the diamonds from our customers original eternity ring and recycled the 9ct red gold to create this diamond pave set eternity ring upgrade! We also created a 9ct yellow gold hand engraved wedding band to sit next to it.

If you are interested in restyling your old diamond jewellery into something new feel free to contact us here.

Thanks for reading 😀


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