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Sentimental bespoke necklaces

Sometimes it may look like we only make rings however we do create all kinds of wonderful jewellery such as these couple of bespoke necklaces we recently made.. The love necklace pictured above was a recreation of our customers sentimental costume jewellery necklace gifted by her kids - due to the material the necklace was very tarnished and missing a few gems - as the necklace held a lot of sentimental value she wanted to recreate the necklace in silver. Based on the original necklace we created a silver replica completely set with cubic zirconias. Recently a customer came to us looking for a initial pendant for his daughters 40th birthday. After searching the high street and not being able to find the perfect piece of jewellery he came to us with his ideas, font style and size - to which we created this custom white gold K pendant. Thanks for reading 😃

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