Bespoke wedding rings made to fit around engagement rings

At the beginning of this year we created a variety of unique wedding rings from wishbones and curved bands to granulation and diamond set. The following photos below are a selection of the bespoke wedding rings we made.

We created this five stone curved wedding ring featuring a marquise and round diamonds to sit perfectly around the old cut pear diamond engagement ring (pictured below) we had created a couple of years earlier.

Due to the large setting on our customers vintage opal and diamond halo engagement ring - we decided to create a simple yellow gold wishbone wedding ring set with diamonds.
Another wishbone wedding ring we created was this one above which was made from recycled yellow gold from our customers inherited ring. To match the style of her engagement ring we added gold granulation.
Our customer wanted to have her wedding ring to fit around her engagement ring in a contrasting metal and for her partners wedding ring to also fit slightly against her ring. We decided on creating these two red gold wedding rings with hers curved to fit around her engagement ring and his to have a slight cut out the fit nicely against the setting of her ring. Both the rings were engraved with their wedding dates for added sentiment.

Bespoke jewellery is the perfect solution when it comes to creating a wedding ring to fit alongside your engagement ring. For more information about our custom made shaped wedding rings click here.

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