Bespoke engagement rings re-using customers diamonds

Here are a couple of bespoke engagement rings we made over the summer. The first ring pictured below we created for our customer. She had inherited an old ring and wanted to re-use the diamond as her centre stone. After discussing the design she desired we created this hexagon engagement ring set with her sentimental diamond with small diamonds pave set on the shoulders and mil-grain to give a vintage look.

The second engagement ring we created was the bespoke diamond engagement ring pictured at the end of this post. The customer visited our showroom with the ring pictured directly below which was handmade by her fiance in silver and set with a single round diamond. Due to the style of setting and metal the diamond had become loose and the metal was starting to wear away. After discussing the options we decided to create a cast of the original engagement ring and re-create the ring in white gold, we also were able to reset the original diamond into the new ring.
For more information about restyling your old diamond jewellery click here. If you are interested in having a bespoke engagement ring made feel free to contact us.

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