Made to order bepsoke bridal jewellery

Our bespoke jewellery service is the perfect way to create jewellery for special occasions such as weddings. Recently we have created a variety of made to order bridal jewellery for our customers, with each pieces being unique and different to the other.

The first piece of bridal jewellery we created was the silver infinity pendant & matching double stud earrings which were set with the customers princess cut diamonds.
The second piece of bridal jewellery we created were the modern geometric ear climbers with detachable back pieces.
The third set of wedding jewellery we created was the pearl bracelet and necklace below. The customer brought in her pearl necklaces that she planned to give her daughter to wear on her wedding day, as the necklace was to short we created a necklace and matching bracelet using the pearls from the necklaces.

More information about our bespoke jewellery can be found here.

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