Recycled gold turned into bespoke bangle!

There are any factors as to why recycling your old gold or silver jewellery is a great alternative! Some of the reasons why we recommend this is service is not only is it cost effective but it is also a great way to reuse old jewellery you no longer wear, maybe its broken or you inherited it and isn't your style of jewellery.
We can break down and reuse your old metal and stones to create a new bespoke piece just for you! Recycling inherited jewellery also allows you to hold onto any sentimental value the old jewellery holds.

The photos below show some of the stages in creating a bespoke gold bangle from the customers old gold jewellery using our recycling service. The customers old jewellery was melted down to create a block of gold, this was then rolled down to create a long strip which was curved to create the wrap around bangle. To finish off the bangle it was set with her recycled rubies & cubic zirconias.

More details about our recycling service can be found here.

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