Bespoke childrens silver tangerine pendant!

Our bespoke jewellery service offers the perfect opportunity to have a piece of silver or gold jewellery made suitable for a young teenager or child. Our made to order service allows us to design and make the jewellery with weight, sizes and lengths that are best suited to young children.

The commission pictured below was from a customer who wanted to have a bespoke silver tangerine inspired pendant created to gift her daughter. With sentimental meaning behind the symbolism of the tangerine, we were able to create the small tangerine, cut out of silver sheet that had texture rolled onto it, and placed onto a small silver chain suitable for her daughter.

This simple method of create a piece of silver bespoke jewellery is an amazing way to capture something sentimental and meaningful to you or your family, and makes perfect gifts that can last a lifetime!

For more information about our made or order jewellery service click here.

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