Bespoke silver Hebrew ring!

A perfect example of how successful our recycling your old jewellery can be, is the commission below, our customer wanted to recreate a sentimental ring of hers that she had purchased in Israel in 2008. The ring was wearing away and she wanted to create a replicate ring, after going over the various options available to create the ring, she decided on the idea to recycle the silver ring along with a silver necklace to create the new bespoke ring.

Using the customer ring which inspired this new one along with a silver necklace she wished to recycle, we were able to melt them both down together to provide the silver needed for the new bespoke ring. Once melted down the ring was rolled down to create the flat ring band. A stencil of the Hebrew text was secured to the silver as a guide to cutting out as perfect as possible. The ring turned out perfect! and a great way to reuse the original ring that held sentimental value to create the new updated ring, which she wishes to eventually pass down to her daughter.

Interested in recycling some of your jewellery to create a new bespoke piece? Click here for further details.

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