Bespoke silver heart with jigsaw centre!

Although we mainly specialize in silver & gold bespoke jewellery, we are also able to create small silver pieces which are ideal for gift giving!

A recent customer inquired about having a bespoke silver heart created with a puzzle piece cut out of the centre of it. The idea was to gift his partner with the heart and for him to keep the puzzle piece.

The photos below show some of the stages used to create this piece. With the idea to have a single puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the heart to complete it, to ensure that the puzzle piece fitted exactly into the heart the silver was sent away to be specially cut out. However because the silver was too thin, the heart and puzzle piece was soldered onto a sheet of silver to thicken the piece. It was the cut out and finished to ensure the puzzle piece still fitted into the heart, it was then polished up and ready for the customer!

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