Recycling old rings into new things!

Have you ever though about recycling/reusing your old gold or silver jewellery? Here at our Manchester studio we are able to recycle your old metal and reuse your old stones to create a piece of bespoke jewellery for you!

The two yellow gold rings pictured below were brought in by a customer who wanted to reuse the diamonds into a bespoke ring and earring set.
The large centre diamond was set in a 18ct white gold twisted ring, while the smaller diamonds were set into a matching pair of 18ct white gold earrings.
The before and after of these two pieces of jewellery shows just how great our recycling service is to update your jewellery into something new and modern!

Not only is this an amazing way to hold onto sentimental value the old jewellery holds, but also is a great way to save money!

For more information about our recycling service click here.

Thanks for reading!


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