Bespoke diamond bubble ring!

Do you have any pieces of old jewellery that is not your style? or maybe you inherited it and want to hold onto the sentimental value it has. Our recycling service allows you to have a piece of bespoke jewellery created to your style whilst reusing your old jewellery.

The commission below from just before Christmas was for a bespoke bubble inspired ring made from 18ct white gold with diamonds. The customer had several old inherited rings that held a lot of sentimental value. We decided to take reuse the diamonds from the old rings and put them into the new bespoke ring.
This ring is a great example of how our bespoke jewellery service and our recycling services can work together to create a beautiful piece of jewellery!

For more information about our bespoke jewellery service click here.
For more details about our recycling service click here.

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