Engraved ring pendant with silver daisy centre!

Do you have an idea for a piece of bespoke jewellery, whether it is a brief idea, or you know exactly what you want. We are can help you to create your perfect piece of jewellery. Working with your design ideas, and any images you have we can help design your jewellery to suit all your requirements!

The pendant below was made for a customer last month who had previous taken part in one of our wedding ring workshops. She commissioned a custom made silver daisy pendant as a gift.
We came up for the design of a small silver daisy with a 9ct yellow gold centre hanging with a silver ring with engraving around the outside of the ring.
The daisy was engraved onto a plate of silver, then cut out and domed slighted to give it more life. It was hung within the centre of the ring with the silver chain. The pendant was finished off with engraving saying 'give me your answer do' around the ring.

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