Wedding ring resizing made bigger

Along with the bespoke services, I also take commissions for ring re-sizing. If you have inherited or bought a ring that is to small, I can usually resize your rings whether they just need stretching out or adding more metal. I can also make rings smaller by cutting out metal.

The photos below show an example of ring resizing the customer had a ring that was too small the ring needed to go from a size O to a U 1/2. 

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The ring is heated up to soften and find the solder line.

The ring is cut along the solder line.

The ring is the stretched to its intended size.

Gold is then melted into a ball then rolled out to the same width of the ring.

The gold is cut to size and soldered into the ring.

The ring is then reshaped and filed.

The finished ring re-sized.


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