Happy New Year - New Studio

Happy New Year ALL! This year has gone so fast already for me. I have a NEW studio and I am so excited with all the changes that have been happening. My business plan is finally happening and I am so so happy.

I have moved from Manchester craft and design centre to my own studio in The Thornley. You can see imagery on instagram and facebook. I am still in Manchester city centre and the studio is massive! YAY!

As you can tell i am very excited ha! take a look at the photos and follow the progress on instagram and facebook as its happening fast

Few taster imagery of the work thats going on, thanks for reading lovely peoples...

 Painting and then Charleson carpentry came in to build wall and create my workshop/ retail space

Window to spy into my new workshop! These men are creating some beautiful things for me! lucky me!

keep watching this space for progress. join my mailing list


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